Hi! I’m Mehli,

A student architect, designer & writer 


University of Arizona

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

Graduate May of 2022


From Houston, Texas

Studied abroad in Mexico City, Mexico and Barcelona, Spain

Lived in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Utah and Italy


After graduating from high school, I decided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was assigned to serve in southern Italy for a year and a half in the Italian language. There my perspective shifted for the better and my eyes were opened as I exposed myself to a variety of cultures and people. 

Upon my return to the states, I began my educational endeavors at the University of Arizona. Here I've grown to learn how I can make a positive impact on my community, discovering the reality of architecture and the relationship between the human body and space. I have a great interest in how the body and mind react to space on both the conscious and subconscious levels. More importantly, I invest my time learning about performative strategies to design ecological buildings and cities. I strongly believe in the regeneration of existing sites and structures to help combat the climate crisis and urban heat island effect, seeking to cohesively connect the natural and built environments for greater spiritual wellness and purpose.


Everyone is a beloved child of God and as such must be treasured and accounted for. Furthermore, I am responsible for doing my part to care after the earth and all her creatures.